Some weeks ago, I listed some cool channels on Youtube where you can learn ethical hacking and also listed some apps to learn ethical hacking, but youtube seems to be giving poeple stress deu to its high rate of consuming internet data, so today I'll be listing some cool sites to learn ethical hacking, and this will ease the stress you're facing from youtube. So go through the post to know more about this.

Everyone knows hacking isn't legalised around the world, but still people do find interest in it, even I do, but its illegal and being illegal makes it look like hell when looking for ways to to learn it, if you want to learn ethical hacking, then be at rest cause you're in the right place to get cool sites to learn ethical hacking from.
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1. Hacking Tutorials

It's predominance can't be overlooked, well known for its reliability in terms of giving out quality hacking tutorials in PDF format, here you can learn any area ofethical hacking, no stress needed, it's tutorials are though toes to toes, if you're serious about learningethical hacking, then here's your home, just download PDFs and begin learning.

2. Hack In The Box

Second to hacking tutorials, HITB is another good source to learn ethical hacking, it's site is user friendly, a wordpress platform lookalike, but its main focus is on teaching people about security I.e penetration Testing, it's tutorials are straightforward, so give it a try.

3. Hack This Site

Hack this site is another good place to learn ethical hacking, hack this site teaches about differenthacking techniques and also network security, in this place you can also accept hacking challenges and show off your skills.

4. Evil Zone

One of the widest hacking forums in the world and also listed among the best websites to learn ethical hacking, this forum is very wide and it has all the answers to your questions, and not only built forhacking, it also a good place to learn programming language, ask any question about programming and it will be answered real quick.

5. Hack A Day

Hack a day!!! It's another cool website to learn ethical hackinghacking aspects has been categorised in its various sections, so if you're looking to learn how to hack GPS, mobile phones and wifi, it's more easier for you to locate them in this categories.

6. EC-Council

Ec-council is well respected because its not just a website that teaches ethical hacking, it's totally different from other sites listed, if you're looking to learn more about cyber security and also earn a realcertificate, then ec-council is the best place for that.

7. Break The Security

If you wanna learn ethical hacking from amateur level into becoming a veteran then BTS is the best place for you, in here you'll learn more about penetration and other security breach, BTS is well known for its cyber security courses.

8. Hacking Loops

Hacking Loops is another cool site, but different in terms of the lab / private section creation, means you can create you own personal hacking lab and get newsletter tutorials day by day on how to set it up.

9. Metasploit

Metasploit is known for its penetration courses, if you want to know how strong a websites security is, then metasploit is the best place it do that, and they also teach more cyber security courses

10. Sec Tools

Sec tools offer the latest security tools online, if you want to learn how to protect a network from security breach, then sec tools is the best place to do that and you can also get some reviews about a tool before downloading or paying for it.
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Above all are the cool websites to learn ethical hacking, any type of ethical hacking you want to learn, this websites will teach you all from scratch, if you find this post hepful kindly share with friends and don't forget to comment.


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