Yeah my first official post on Tec Xploit is here, it's been a while and as you can see my blog is still under development, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't give my viewers something to smile about, so today I'll be showing you how to add floating buttons for easier multitasking when a making a call on your android device, so follow the post to know more about this.

We all know multitasking has done nothing than to give us convenience when operating our android device, with the help of some cool apps we can easy do multiple activities at the same time, but when it comes to making calls, we know there's nothing like multitasking on phone calls, yeah it's rare and can't be seen around, that's why we should give credits to blimps for thier recently updated 2.0 version of thier app, blimps new ui let's you enjoy extra buttons when making calls, unlike before when we Swipe down our notification panel to use some buttons and other stuffs, well I can say blimps has eliminated the stress of pulling down the notification panel when making a call, it gives you extra floating buttons which stays at the right hand side of your android screen and from there you can use buttons like loudspeakers, dialer pad, call hold and other stuffs, the most fascinating fact about this apps is that, it automatically comes up when you make a call, so I'll be showing you how to integrate this on your android device, this apps only works perfectly for devices running 5.0 and above android  Os version, below 5.0 devices may not enjoy much benefits from this app.

How To Add Floating Buttons For Easier In-Call Multitasking With Blimps

Step 1. You need to download the blimps apps from playstore or you can click the link Here which takes you directly to the app page on Google playstore.

Step 2. After downloading and installing the blimps app, open it and grant it permission to manage your phone calls.

Step 3. After granting it permission, now switch to pimp my blimp by tapping on it, then you'll see options, activate all and Minimize the app.

Step 4. Try making a call and Minimize the call or caller app, then wait for some seconds for the floating buttons to come up, from the images shown below you'll see exactly how it works.

From the image shown above, I'm sure you'll be fazed to see how nice this app can be if you give it a try, from the image shown below, you'll see I wan even on facebook while making a call and the floating buttons are still active.

I guess you've falling in love with this aricle, lol its my first official post here so kindly show love by sharing and dropping comments, as time goes on I'll make sure to drop more relevant updates like this one.


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  1. Nice tutorial here. I think this app adds to the in built features of OS 5.0 and above that allows us to end calls only by swiping the notification bar. Would give the app a try if it doesn't consume much memory space.

    Thanks for the tip.

  2. It doesn't consume any memory bro, I think the total memory consumed won't go above 20mb for 15mb, depending on how powerful your device is... thanks for passing by

  3. This is awesome.... Thanks for sharing.