Looking to build some fitness without having to visit the gym or fitness center, well technology has made things easy for us nowadays and we don't need to waste more energy by visiting fitness centre or gym center, so today I'll be listing some the best fitness app to keep you on the run

Let's talk about fitness and it's importance to ones life, we all know it's a general state of healthy living and good exercise plus body nutrition,  but why is physical fitness so important in our moderm world, I'll tell you why. Its really important for one to be physically fit because most of the jobs we do nowadays adds up stress and fatigue to our body and if we don't take proper fitness care, it may lead to premature ageing, so today I'll be listing some fitnessapps which you can use for proper fitness building, and you won't to visit the gym everyday in order to get fit. So follow this article to know more about this.


1. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

30 day fitness challenge is the best fitness app you can use while working out from home, it will help you increase your health scientifically and aslo help keep your body fit it's a 30 day challenge and you'll be shocked to see how much physical strength you've gotten within the 30 days span.

  1. Let's you record your training progress automatically
  2. Let's you share your experience with your friends on social media
  3. Video tutorials directly from vivid
  4. Exercise intensity increases step by step
  5. Daily challenge reminder.

2. Push Ups Workout

If you're looking for the perfect push up training sections based on your age and body size, then push Ups Workout is the best recommended app to help you out, it helps you calculate the number of pushups you do and also calculate the number of calories you loose during every exercise, it's an awesome app.

  1. Shows you the graph and statistics of every exercise done
  2. Training mode to get your self ready for the main pushup exercise
  3. Proximity sensor counter

3. Bodyweight Workout & Fitness

One of the most effective fitness app for the perfect fitness program, it's let's you save the stress of using equipments, visiting the gym and no fixed dates or appointed time for it, all you need is your body weight.

4. Abs Workout A6W

The best recommended app to build perfect abs, there's a special 42 days scheme you can follow to help you on your daily exercise, step by step guide for perfect abs Workout.

  1. Free daily abs workout
  2. Text to speech service
  3. Home workout exercises without equipment
  4. Gives you the perfect abs workout withing 6 weeks

Just like it's name, all exercises are based on 7 minutes time interval,  each exercise are based on high intensity and low frequency, by doing this every 7 minutes daily will help increase your health scientifically.

  1. 7 minutes needed to get you the sexy, firm, flat muscles you want
  2. 7 minutes for perfect v shape achievement
  3. 7 minutes to give you the best 6 packs
This are  the best fitness apps so far, although there are more apps in the playstore which plays the same role with the ones listed above, but user rating is the key to thier predominance, so make sure to install this apps now, I hope you like the post, don't forget to share and comment.

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