For every android users, it's always a pleasure to have the best apps that'll beautify our android device and also give our lock screen an amazing look,  in this article, we'll be showing you some of the best screen locker apps for android device, and this apps will give your android lock screen a whole new look.
Screen locker apps are really cool when used on android device, they add a whole new look to our android lock screen, and we all know that one of the most fascinating facts about android device is the ability it gives it's users to exploit and redesign its os, although most of this tweakings are done and mostly enjoyed on rooted android device, so therefore this brings us to todays article on the 10+ best screen locker apps for android, you don't need any tweaking to enjoy the benefits provided by this apps, so read more from the articles written below to know more about them.

10+ Best Screen Locker Apps For Android

Note: for the best services, we've decided to conduct a proper research on all listed applications, so therefore any listed apps you see are selected due to their user ratings and number of downloads from various AppStores, and also we've given a short description on all listed applications.

1. Next Lock Screen

Fans favourite, next lock screen is the of the best screen locker apps out there, it's cool and also gives your lock screen a whole new look, it's actually a professional app, it will help protect your device from unwanted access.

2. Corgi For Feedly News Magazine

Corgi is a professional lock screen app, unlike some other lock screen apps,  corgi provides you with news on the go,  while your android screen is locked, you can still do some other stuffs like reading news and updates from websites without having to unlock your phone, and you can also follow up and get daily updates from different websites.

3. Cover Lock Screen (Beta)

Cover lock screen is also an amazing app, this app has many benefits and using it will add more beauty to your lock screen and also give you easy access control over your home screen.

4. AcDisplay

Acdisplay is more focused on notifications, when you have multiple notifications from different apps,  it align them into a minimal shape, this let's you views them easily.

5. Hi Locker

Hi locker is a smart screen locker,  it has some amazing features and also gives an appearance like android lollipop, using this app will make you fall in love with your android lock screen.

6. SnapLock Smart Lock Screen

Snap lock is a cool app that will give your android device lock screen  an elegant appearance, it consume less space and also very simple to configure.

7. Sidelock Locker

Sidelock is a cool app that displays all your notifications in one place while your device screen is locked, it also has some extra features which let's you turn on your flashlight, use camera app and also has its own personalised cleaner to help you speedup your android device.

8. Loklok

Loklok is more like a connectivity app, although it's also a lock screen app but it works differently from other listed lock screen app, loklok involves syncing of more than 3 device, once connected, if any of the 3 devices changes its lock screen, it will automatically reflect on the 2 other device.

9. Echo Notification Lock screen

Echo notification app is one of the lightest lock screen app, it doesn't take much stress to set this app up, you can also categorise your notifications in with different names for fast user experience.

10. Slidejoy _ Lock Screen Cash

Never thought you can earn cool cash from a lock screen app?  Well yes it's very possible with slidejoy and here's how it works, slidejoy will pay your for displaying ads on your lock screen once you're connected to the internet, and you can withdraw your cash easily.

11. DashClock Widget

Dashclock is a cool widget, actually an home screen clock widget, it enables easy access for checking some important things like missed calls, text messages, it's a widget app. 

12. Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock

This app is just so amazing, unlike the other lock screen apps listed above, you can use this to lock your device so anytime an unauthorized user try to access your device, it will notify you by making warning sounds and also blinks the screen. 

13. Zui Locker

Zui locker is a great app that gives you some eye-catching wallpaper to give your lock screen an amazing look,  all the pictures are free and they all in HD images.

14. Screen Lock Guardian

Lock guardian does an amazing job when it comes to screen locking app, and not only does it lock screen,  it also locks images, videos and even take selfie of those who attempted to unlock your device.

15. Picturesque

Picturesque will provide you with so many lock screen widget, you can add camera app, text messages and other cool stuff to beautify your lock screen,  this app is great too. 
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I guess you won't say you hate one from the above 10+ best screen locker apps for android, you can try any this apps on your android device, you're gonna love it so much, what's your take on this post? If you find it helpful kindly show love by sharing and commenting


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