W hatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app used by people on iPhones, BlackBerry's, Androids, and Windows Phones for the purpose of sending messages, videos, images, and audio messages to one another.

In other words WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages for free without having to pay for SMS.

WhatsApp Messenger App has gone viral and its now one of the most popular means of sending informations, and doing a lot of things. It has just become like the Internet. Now some geeks has gone further to produce different/modded versions of WhatsApp App by adding new cool and fascinating features which has made the Whatsapp App to look more beautiful and enjoyable.

I will list out the top 5 best Modded WhatsApp App for the year 2017.
They are:

  • GB WhatsApp
  • YO WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Plus 
  • FM WhatsApp
  • WAMOD Or WhatsAppMD
All these above are the best types of modded WhatsApp Messenger App there is. You can search for any of your choice and download.
The Official/Real WhatsApp Messenger App is a WhatsApp App which looks quite normal and very boring. This reason made these geeks to think out of the box to produce what they knew people will love. But these modded WhatsApp are not official, which has made them not to be in App Stores such as: Google Playstore, App Store (For iPhones), BlackMart Alpha, AppVn, e.t.c.But with these modded WhatsApp App we are now able to enjoy amazing features.

Let me just list a few reasons why you should use Modded WhatsApp Messenger Apps.
They are:

  • The official WhatsApp Messenger App has always been in same format and style which has resulted into boring experience with the app.
  • There's no way you can hide your your chats and also no privacy options in the official WhatsApp.
  • Re-designing your chats is not possible in the official WhatsApp.
  • You can't perform any manual customization to your chats.
  • No way to hide your last seen.
  • Can't re-design your WhatsApp Framework.
These above reasons are just enough for you to switch to any of these Modded WhatsApp.

Now lets face the main topic which brought us here. And thats about GB WhatsApp Latest Version.
Lets Look into some of the Features Of this Lastest Version GB WhatsApp v5.80

  • Editing of any picture you want to send to anybody.
  • Sending of multiple videos at the same time.
  • You can view all status as a list.
  • A toast when any of your contacts come online, or view your messages or status.
  • You can change broadcast list when you want to forward a message
  • Changing of broadcast icon.
  • Sending of video upto 1GB instead of 16MB.
  • Changing colour of unread messages in chat screen.
  • Changing of Star colour if you star a message.
  • Changing of main screen colour.
  • Changing of chat screen colour.
  • Changing themes to your preferred theme.
These above are just few out of the many features which GB WhatsApp offer you, You can try out other features yourself when you download the app.
The main drawbacks of the GB WhatsApp are:
  • The GB WhatsApp covers much of your internal memory space. But thats not a problem if your phone has a very good RAM.
  • Backing up chats are not too possible, because the WhatsApp crashes in some intervals of days or weeks, you thereby loosing your chats.
Now click on the Link below to download This Latest Version of GB WhatsApp.

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