At this present time every laptop making company is launching laptops with in-built Wi-Fi Adapater to bond Wi-Fi Signals easily. But many at-time, it becomes very difficult to hitch a complete Wi-Fi signal outstanding to many reasons.

If you do not get the powerful Wi-Fi signals in your laptop, don't be troubled and apply few tricks to boost your Wi-Fi intimate strength.

I explained some effective and feasible conduct and to increase your Wi-Fi signal strength. So, use the methods carefully one by one and make an effort to boost your wireless signal strength instantly.

Meanwhile before we get started, it do be good if we know what A Wi-Fi is and also its Advantages.

                   WHAT IS WI-FI

It's a facility allowing computers, smartphones and other devices to connect to the internet or communicate to one another wirelessly withing a particular geographical area.

Wi-Fi is a technology that uses Radio waves to provide network connectivity. A Wi-Fi Connection is established using a wireless adapter to create hot-spots.

                 BENEFITS OF WI-FI

Many of you do rely on your smartphone for the purpose of communication, information and also for your entertainment. Of course you would have also wondered also wondered if you are using your device to the fullest expectation. The Recently produced album of smartphones are induced with a the ability of using Wi-Fi Hot-Spot connections, and already some users may overlook the advantage of connecting to Wi-Fi links over their mobile data plans.
Let's list out some benefits of using A Wi-Fi network. They are:

  1. Data Usage  And Cellular Data High Charges: Using A Wi-Fi network gets you connected to the internet for your online surfing, uploading and down loading without you spending a dime on your normal data subscriptions which are usually with high charges and also your mobile data do have limits to use, so I advice you to hitch up any Wi-Fi network you noticed.
  2. More Speed: Wi-Fi bandwidth is commonly more faster rapidly than cellular data service, giving you enhanced performance with nearly all Web-based content, such as browsing, capture and music streaming or games. If your data cellular service is 3G altitude or lower, Wi-Fi swiftness will remarkably recover your browsing performance. You do be freed from cellular data restrictions, and then as a result the added bandwidth will let you move or transfer big/huge files more quickly.
  3. Extended Battery Life: Been closer to a Wi-Fi transmitter than a cellular tower, your chance for a strong signal is better, reducing the load on your smartphone. Do you know that the time taken for your mobile device to search for a strong signal strength do mke your battery to drain faster? The answer is YES. Connected to a strong Wi-Fi network keeps your battery cool and steady.
All this above are the reasons why a Wi-Fi network is very essential. Do grab any free Wi-Fi nearby and save your funds.

Now lets move to the main goal of this topic. And that's how to boost a Wi-Fi signal in a laptop.

  • Change Wi-Fi Channel: Every Wi-Fi router operate on point/specific channels. Initially, when you do set up a router, it chooses a dependable route by default. Mostly all routers do choose a less crowded Wi-Fi channel to get a high strength of Wi-Fi Signal. So for you to boost Wi-Fi signal Strength in your laptop or even mobile, you have to look for a less crowded channel and when it's found, do set your router to that channel.
  • Constant Updates Of Your Router Firmware: The Wi-Fi Router Firmware is specifically designed for the establishment of connection and also for offering signals. Numerous times once we just ignore the updating of the router or adapter firmware, it do slow down the signal strength and that’s why there's always a problem of connection. So always dim it fit to always check for firmware updates. And once you see any notification of updates, you should immediately update the firmware for that will also fix connection issues.
  • Change Wireless Router's Position: If you do reposition your Wi-Fi Router's, connection problem can be fixed and Wi-Fi signal strength boosted. You should do this because a Wi-Fi router should always be placed at the central location. Do this if you have range issues.
  • Use Free DD-WRT Software: DD-WRT is a free open source software program that do strengthen the routers performance. This software is to be used to boost your Wi-Fi Network signal, but the only drawback  of this Software is that it damages your routers warranty once it is installed and used. So it's better you're careful about this fact also.
  • Disable Unused Applications Using Task Manager: Do use a task manager to check which application are running in background and also using networks. You should also delete/uninstall/remove applications that are unused so that your Wi-Fi signal strength and also your laptops performance can be boosted. 
These steps above are the most effective ways to boost and speed up your Wi-Fi signal strength. I hope this steps will help you boost your Wi-Fi Signal Strength...

Kindly drop a nice comment and also do share this article to others for their benefits s. Thanks and Enjoy...

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