God of war is famously known to be one of the most epic adventure games in our moderm world, starting from its first journey on playstation two, then it began to win the heart of all game players, with its scintillating stories and hardcore battles, God of war began emerging it's stories for years and it seems the final chapter of this epic game is about to end, But it won't end sadly because this final chapter has been filled with emotional stories.

God Of War Release Date, Trailer, And All Much Needed Info

Starting from God of war one when kratos lost his whole family to ares, he was filled with rage and from that moment he began his journey of retaliation and vengeance, after all the epic battles in the previous years, now kratos is back again, not as a warriors but as a father who now has a son who also assisted him in the hunt for monsters, basically we all know this game was developed based on geek mythology, but now it seems new ingredients of the weird wonderful world of norse mythology has been included.

God Of War Release Date

It was announced early last year around 2016 that God of war is currently going under development for Ps4 , although we haven't bee given an insight of the release date, but later it was confirmed that this game will premier for Ps4 but no date confirmed yet.

God Of War Trailer- How Does It Look?

I know everyone might be thinking about this game and how powerful the graphics might become, well the video shown below you give you an insight of how a father and a son battles through strange land filled with monsters and scary beast, the video is shown below

From the video above, it shows that a sea monster is set to confront kratos and his son, but based on the concept, the beast looks friendly and want to offer an helping hand, who knows?? Lol I can't tell.. but we are looking forward to see how this chapter begins.

God Of War Ps4 Preview

I know most gamers are expecting God of war to be a sad story about a fallen God and his son, yeah it's a sad story but we haven't played it and neither watched the full video which gives us the full story, a lot of changes has been applied to kratos appearance, he has now grown beards lol, and they've been changes to the types of weapon he uses, his speed has been a reduced due to old age, lol but we all know his rage to slaughter will still be the same, this version of God of war is based on more advanced norse mythology, good graphics and stunning moments, with no specific date of release , I'm sure most gamers are anticipating about this game. So what's your take on this review?? Yeah you can disclose that in the comment box.


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