T he word "Bricked" may not be new to you. You may have heard about it or may have thought that your phone is bricked, especially if you flash a ROM or Root your android phone from time to time. But unfortunately, not all user has a clear understanding of what a bricked phone really means, and more importantly, how to fix a bricked phone. This article will give a full introduction of what a bricked phone is, why an android phone gets bricked, and how to fix a bricked android phone without data loss.

WHAT IS A BRICKED PHONE: Soft Brick Or Hard Brick?

A Bricked Phone Is A Phone Which Refuses To Boot Properly Or Refuses To Boot Atall. Now there are two types of Bricking which are: Soft Brick, and Hard Brick. Now I am going to explain the both of them to you.
Soft Brick

When you say a phone is Soft Bricked, it simply means that the Phone Do not Boot Up/Turn On Properly. The Phone Tries To Boot Up but immediately Turns Off By itself or it Remains Permanent in the booting state until the battery is removed to turn it off. Let me make this simple for you to understand easily. Below are the common symptoms of a Soft-Bricked Android Phone:

  • The Android Device is Stuck at Boot Loop.
  • The Device is Frozen on Boot Screen.
  • The Android Device boots Directly into Recovery Mode.
  • The Device gets a white or black screen.
Hard Brick

When a Phone is Hard Bricked, it simply means that the phone refuses to boot or power on in any way. You keep on pressing the Power Button, but nothing happens, no form of light. The phone is really dead. A Hard Bricked Phone is 99% unrepairable. The remaining 1% is for the owner to try his/her luck by turning to a Repair Service or going straight to the carrier's/manufacturer's store to swap the phone.

Good you now know what a bricked phone is, and the two types of bricking with full explanations. Now lets move to the next phase.


There are varieties of reasons why an android device gets bricked. Now I will list and explain them in details.
  • Flashing A Custom ROM: It could be that an incompatible ROM was installed into the Android phone, then the phone powers off in the process or then the phone begins restarting itself endlessly, or also gets stuck at startup screen.
  • Rooting The Android Phone: A phone gets bricked when its not properly rooted. This has been a major problem to some peeps who fail (do not know how) to root their phone's properly. I endeavour peeps who likes root their android devices to read guides on how to root an android phone and follow all the steps accurately using the mobile application created for that purpose to avoid falling victims. 
  • Updating Android Firmware: An Android Device will get bricked if it's interrupted when updating the Android Firmware, so take caution. I suggest you do your updates at Mid-Nights.
  • Installing Malicious Software: An Android phone gets bricked if a malicious software is intalled in it or if it gets attacked by a Virus.
Now I believe you now know the Reasons why an Android Phone gets Bricked, so I advice you take caution and totally avoid those things which gets and Android Phone Bricked. Lets Move To the Next Phase.


To get a bricked phone fixed, there are various softwares to achieve that purpose. The best is a software called Broken Android Data Extraction. The software is capable of bringing Android Bricked Phone back to normal and it also recovers data from screen-broken cell phone. I will also list and explain two more softwares you should also know. They are:
  • Powerful:  This software can be used for fixing bricked, frozen, and system crashed android phone's. It can also be used in recovering the data of a phone with broken/unresponsive screen.
  • Easy-To-Use: This software enables the fixing of a bricked phone with few clicks. It saves much time and effort if you get overwhelmed by complicated DIY methods.
Now These Are Softwares which helps in unbricking a phone. Now I will talk about the Supported Devices These Softwares work For.

Supported Android Devices

The Broken Android Data Extraction Software can only currently work in Samsung Devices. More models and brands will be created/supported in the future to come. Below are the supported Samsung device models:
  • Samsung Galaxy Note: Note 3, Note 4, and Note 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S: S4, S5, and S6
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab: Tab Pro 10.1
Those devices above are the supported Devices for Broken Android Data Extraction. Now lets move to the Next Phase.

Specific Steps To Fix A Bricked Android Device

Step 1: Launch the Broken Android Data Extraction Software on your Windows PC and choose Broken Android Data Extraction on the left side.

Step 2: Now connect the phone to your PC and click on "Fix Device".

Step 3: Now you will see five different options and each of them are of different situations. The five options are: Stuck In The Start Up Screen, Stuck In The Download Mode, Stuck In The FonePaw Interface, Black Screen, Others. Now what you have to do is select the the Option that fits your situation and the program will provide solution accordingly.

Step 4: Unbrick Android Device In Two Cases:

Case 1: If you had choosen "Stuck In The Start Up Screen"/"Black Screen"/"Other", then select the Device Name And Model of your phone from the drop-down list and the click on "Confirm".
Then Follow the Instruction on the program to put your phone in the Download Mode. Then click on "Start" to begin to Unbrick the Phone. The program will start to download the proper recovery package and repair the phone. Your Device will restart automatically and be back to normal.

Case 2: If you had choosen "Stuck In The Download Mode"/"Stuck In The FonePaw Interface", then click "Next", then the program will automatically reboot your device and get it out of the Frozen Screen.

If your phone is not supported, or if the problem you are facing is not covered by the program, please I would advice you not to try anything, just wait till a program that supports your phone is created or you go meet the carrier's/manufacturer's of your phone for a possible swap.
Good you now know what a bricked phone is, the two types of bricking with explanations, and how to fix a bricked android phone.

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