H ello Guys, today we are going to get a knowledge on how you can fix the error of getting this pop up "Unfortunately Google Playstore Has Stopped Working" each time you open your Playstore app.

But first we will get some more imporatnt knowledge about what Google Playstore is and also the benefits/advantages of downloading your applications with it. Lets read on.

Google Playstore is an app store, which is originally born and referred to by Google as the Android Market. Google Playstore is a portal for Android Applications like games, music, video, audio, ebooks apps and other contents for your Android-Powered phone, tablet or Android TV device.

All Android users uses google playstore to download apps which they would want to use for a particular purpose. All applications on Google Playstore are all meaningful apps, and this is because they are already fitted into a certain criteria and have been reveiwed by Google before they are allowed to be published on Playstore.

Google Playstore do not only offer many cool/great applications, or widgets and e-books, but it also provides other things to android users which are to be helpful to them.

There are varieties of tips and hints which Google Playstore offers to Android users which will help them in managing the configurationd and settings of their android devices in such a way that they will allow better downloads and manage other options of their devices in a much better and cooler way.

Playstore is the best android app store to download your android applications from. There are benefits/advantages of downloading your android applications from Google Playstore. Lets just look into some of them.

  • Downloading your applications from Google Playstore avoids your Android device from getting malwares or virus which you usually get by downloading from unofficial mobile app stores.
  • Auto Categorize: Whenever you download from Google Playstore, the application you download is automatically added in a section or folder of other applications you have downloaded.
These are the most important benefits and advantages why you always need to download your applications from Google Playstore.

But Google Playstore does not have some vital applications we do like to download. So I recommend you to download BlackMart Alpha application by searching on Google. With Blackmart Alpha application, you can get some vital/important applications which are not on Google Playstore. You can also search the application which you want to download on google and you will see it to download.
Now lets switch to the main topic of the day. And thats how we can fix the error of "unfortunately google playstore has stopped working" pop up whenever we open it.

  • Step 1: Goto your "Phone Settings"
  • Step 2: Scroll down and then click on "Apps". All your applications (but not really all) will display.
  • Step 3: Scroll sideways to "All" and then begin scrolling down and look for "Google Play Services".
  • Step 4: Then after you see it, click on it.
  • Step 5: Then click on "Clear Cache", and also "Clear Data" . After that, then "Force Stop" it.
This is all what you have to do to fix that error. This method can also be used for any application which is giving you such error messages. 
Thanks for reading and I hope you apply these steps if you're getting any error message such as that.

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