M any Android Smartphone users may have faced the problem of insufficient RAM (Random Access Memory) space issue, whenever they play big games or whenever they are running a high-end application (huge file applications) on their Android devices. The phone most of the time gets hanged (screen refusing to operate) and they you will have to just restart the phone (sometimes you must have to remove the battery and put it back to restart), or the phone do get heated when running such applications because of the little RAM storage. 

And there is no possibility of increasing the smartphone RAM by any form of upgrade, but this article provides the solution in increasing the RAM of your Android device by using the Secondary (external) storage, which is also known as the Micro SD Card.
But before we look into that solution, its good we get some important information that would be helpful to us. Lets know what a RAM (Random Access Memory) is before we proceed.

               WHAT IS A RAM?

A RAM (Random Access Memory) is a place in a computing device where the operating system (OS), application programs and data in current use are kept so that they can be quickly reached by the device's processor. It can also be known as a form of computer data storage which stores frequently used program instructions to increase the general speed of a system.
The Benefit Of Having A Big RAM Or Increasing Your RAM Is:

  • Multi-Tasking: Additional RAM actually makes your Phone or Computer to do more than one thing at once without it getting hanged.
  • Makes the devices faster.
  • Run huge files applications.
  • No problem of phone over-heating (except your system quite has a problem.)
  • Installation of countless applications.
These are just the main benefits of having a bigger RAM or increasing your RAM.

Now lets get into the main topic of this article, which is how to increase Your RAM space using Micro SD Card.

Now for the possibility of increasing the RAM of your Android device, you need to install and run an application which is called ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER (SWAP). This application is developed to allow low RAM android users to create partitions on the Micro SD Card so they can utilize/make use of their Micro SD Card as an extended RAM. This actually means that, the more space on your Micro SD Card utilized, the more extended virtual RAM you will get for your Android Device.

Lets just have a look at the features which this application offers.

FEATURES OF Roehsoft RAM Expander (Swap) Application
  • Using Micro SD Card as extended RAM use.
  • There's no limit of SWAP partition.
  • RAM expansion is upto 4GB.
  • Detailed Memory Info.
  • Supports all Android devices.
These listed above are the features of this application.
Now lets see how to increase the RAM of your Android device using this application.


Make sure you have upto 4GB storage space on your Micro SD Card.
  • Step 1: Goto Google Playstore on your android device and download MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check (they are not really necessary though).
  • Step 2Check your device compatibility (not a must because its compatible with all Android device). A rooted Android device is needed.
  • Step 3: Check on Google Playstore for ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER application or download it below.
  • Step 4: Install the application after downloading.
  • Step 5: Now open the ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER application.
  • Step 6: Now click on Swap Active so it can create a swap file and also enable it.
  • Step 7: Click on the option Active Swap and you're done. Congratulations!!! your Android device RAM is increased via your Micro SD Card.
Below is a view of the application incase you somehow get confused.

Note that this has been experimented/tested by me before I wrote this article. If you follow the above steps carefully and correctly, you would get your desired result.

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