S ome Android Device owners do complain of their Device e GPS automatically turning On when mobile data is enabled. That made me to do some researches which would help to solve that problem.
But first and foremost before we look into the solution to this problem, we should know some basic things like: What's The Meaning Of GPS, Why GPS Is Important, How To Enable And Disable Your Mobile GPS, and Why Your Mobile GPS Keeps Turning On Automatically.
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Lets start with:

                 WHAT IS GPS?

GPS which stands for "Global Positioning System", is a satellite system that provides  geolocation and time information to a GPS receiver anywhere or near the Earth where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites.

It can also be Known as a system which is integrated into your Android Device to enable Satellites Land by Extension, applications, to track your device location.
I hope this is well understood.


  • Track Lost People, Phones, Animals, and Items.
  • Websites and Social Media Applications Makes Use Of It To Personalize Your User Experience.
  • Know Where You're If You're Lost To Help Find Your Way.
These above are the most important uses and advantages of GPS.


Step 1: Goto Your Phone Settings.
Step 2: Scroll Down And Find "Location".
Step 3: Click on it. There you can Toggle On or Toggle Off / Check or Uncheck / Enable or Disable your GPS. That's it.
Quite easy, isn't it??


Yes there are reasons why your GPS keeps turning On when mobile data is enabled. Time to know them.
They are:
  • You failed to disable your device GPS. This is common among those who are new to Android or IOS devices.
  • An application you installed that requires GPS always keep turning it on.
The second reason above is the most common cause (except in the case of some China mobile devices which are produced with pre-loaded spyware).
Most of these applications are root apps which is why its advisable not to root your Android Devices, though I rooted mine lol.

Now lets look into the main topic of this article, which is how to fix that problem of your Android Device GPS automatically turning On.
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  • Uninstall Suspicious Applications: There are apps which do continue to enable your device GPS. What they do is to override your set preferences to keep auto-enabling your GPS. If you know about Adware which do auto-enable your device mobile data to keep downloading unwanted applications and also popping irrelevant adverts and unfortunately sending your device some virus, then you will understand what am talking about. Now look for applications which you recently installed before the GPS problem started and uninstall them.
  • Factory Reset: A factory reset simple means when your android or mobile device user data, settings and installed applications is been wiped. This makes your device look brand new (not the outward appearance). A factory reset is the most easiest way to solve the problem of this GPS. 
How To Do A Factory Reset:

Step 1: Goto your phone settings.
Step 2: Scroll down and find "Backup & Reset"
Step 3: Click on it. That's it.

  • Selective Freeze /Disable Applicatons: Get or download Greenify Task Manager Application. Then freeze your applications one at a time so you identify the apps which are responsible for auto-ebabling your device GPS. Your device GPS function will behave normally when you disable such applications and it will begin mis-behaving when you enable those applications.
  • Format And Reflash Your Device Factory Custom ROM: Some of these applications that do cause this GPS issue do try to avoid removal and to do that, they hide in the systems/applications folder. What's the assurance that a normal factory reset would get rid of those apps?? No assurance. So what you will need to do is to format/wipe your device and then re-flash the custom/stock ROM. This exact method to use will depend on the device processor type (chipset).
These above listed methods will definitely fix your GPS problem. They are all tested/experimented so be calm.

But have you ever thought of how you can monitor the GPS activity of your Android device??
If yes, then that's  a good thought you have there.
Yes if you can be able to monitor your GPS activity, then you can also locate that culprit which keeps auto-enabling it.
Now download OS Monitor application and monitor your GPS Activity.

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Thanks and Enjoy...


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