Some thing's aren't worth hiding, and example's are the difficulties we face when trying to download videos or music files from popular social network sites like facebook, YouTube and any other sites we can name, to cut the story short,  today in this article,  I'll let you know about an app called instube, it lets you get any video or music you want either from YouTube or facebook, and am sure after reading this review, you'll surely want to get this app.

Nowadays we've seen so many third-party apps that let's us download our desired music, picture's, videos from social networks like facebook, twitter and instagram, we do hear stuffs like 'instagram downloader or instagram download' this apps aren't developed by instagram but they give us access to what instagram restricted it's users from doing, and that is downloading pictures and videos directly which tends to be so annoying to most of its users, and same thing applies to facebook. Here's why instube is very different. 

Instube  Unlike any other third-party downloader apps, instube is a top downloader which grant users access to download music, videos and pictures from top social networking sites.  This app is absolutely free and doesn't require any sign up process, just like other apps,  download, install and enjoy using.

Instube is a good app with a great competency in terms of downloading, but not only downloading, it also has a video locking sector which let's you hide videos for more privacy, the most fascinating part about this app is that, you can automatically convert music videos into MP3 file within couple of seconds. 

Instube supports different types of file format, it supports Mp3, Mp4, 3gp, Avi and so on, it's a new app and it's not officially sold to AppStores, this means you can only get this app from it's official site, and theres some sort of sad news for iOS users, this app has not being developed for iOS users yet,  but will undergo development soon. 

Prior to the release date,  google play store had rejected this app from appearing from its official store because it doesn't meet up with its policies, so for now it's unavailable on play store.

Instube developers are currently over the moon, lol they deserve to be because the app they created had soak positive opinions from users, it's features are breathtaking.

It's A Free Download App

I know after reading the above reviews, you might be thinking could this app be free or paid, well here's what you need to know, it's absolutely free, and no penny needed. 

Privacy and Security

Just like I've said above, Instube let's you have control over your privacy, this is something we don't get to see much on apps similar  to this, with its privacy,  you can download videos and lock it automatically 

Supports Over 20+ Music & Video Platforms

Here's another cool feature about Instube, with Instube you can download music and videos from over 20 sites,  just make sure to have your data running then begin download. 
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I think I've said the most important part about Instube, this app is really cool,  and you'll love it because it covers up all you need when downloading from instagram and facebook, you'll also get privacy to hide your files, so no wasting of time, download now and enjoy,  if you find the post helpful, then don't forget  to share and comment.


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