Hacking games has been easy for rooted android phone users, because once your device is rooted, you get control of everything but what about non rooted Android device users who also want to hack Games on thier phone, it's just so simple because you don't have to root your android device before you can hack any game, so today I'll be listing some of the best 6 game hacking apps for non rooted android device, Read more from the articles written below.

Nowadays, we have different types of games out there, and this games are mostly in-app purchases, this means while playing the game, you can spend money at the same time, and it's via your PayPal or credit card, but not every game player tends to be a big cash spender, some will pay for this games and some will not, and while other are busy wasting money to get gold coins and other valuable stuffs you get from this games, others are getting them for free with just a simple hack that allows them to modify everything about the game. But this hacks are mostly done by apps that works 100% perfect on rooted android device, this ain't fair though, because if you're a non rooted android device user you'll be feeling sad to realise you can't use this hacking apps unless you're rooted, well don't be sad for long because I'll be listing 6 good game hacking apps that works fine without root access, so read more below.

Top 6 Best Game Hacking Apps For Non Rooted Android Device

Speaking of the devil, lucky Patcher is one the best and highly recommend game hacking tool, I've been using it for a long time, this apps is really cool and it works on both rooted and non rooted device, this app let's you remove ads from apps, let's you verify any game licence, the fascinating part about this app is that, it automatically scan your android device and show you all your apps and also tell you the one that needs modification, this can all be done for free, so try this apps.

  • Lucky patcher will help you hack and modify apks
  • You can install and uninstall directly
  • You can remove in app ads
  • Works perfectly on non rooted android device
  • Get purchased emulators for free

XmodGames is another good tool to hack Games, it's more like lucky patcher this apps is absolutely free and not only designed for androids, this app works perfectly on iOS and with it you can bypass any restrictions set by the game developer, you can get unlimited free gold, more lives and other cool materials if you hack any game with XmodGames.

  • It works for both rooted and non rooted device
  • It comes with thousands of modes for different games
  • It has regular updates for hot games

SB game hacker is one of the recommended game hacking tools, with sb game hacker, you can hack into any agame, perform clean and comfortable modification, this app comes with many languages and it's recent update now adds simplified Chinese to its language list, sb game hacker works perfect on non-rooted android device but works extremely perfect on rooted android device.

Mostly designed for offline games, this apps allows you to hack into any type of games and get coins, extra lives, guns, ammo and other exciting stuffs, it doesn't work for online games but it is so far recommended for offline games and it works for non rooted device but you won't enjoy much of the benefits unlike the benefits from rooted device. Memory modification technique is the key behind this app.

5. Gamech

This app has same similarities with game Killer, it works perfectly for offline games and with this app you can get unlimited coins you can modify characters in any game, it's absolutely free and simple to use, it works on rooted android device and also non rooted android device, its actually a cheat software and I'm sure you're gonna love it.

It's very different to other listed apps above, cheat Engine is an online hacking platform for video games, it work is to search the net for modifications that can be applied when playing a video game and this gives you an edger if you're playing against an opponent.

These are the best game hacking apps for Android, with them you can hack any type of games, some works for rooted device and some works for non rooted device, Don't forget to share and drop your comments.


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