Whatsapp is no doubt one of the biggest and most addicted social networking app, with its constant updates and introduction of new features to its mobile app, it has won the heart of most of it's users but like we all know there's no day poeple won't give opinions on what should be done and what shouldn't be, although people try to compare the GB whatsapp to the normal whatsapp but its seems whatsapp Inc are about to make some changes soon, Read more from the articles written below to know more about this.

Whatsapp Set To Add 5 New Features

Some of this features are now listed below and I'm sure after reading them, you'll want whatsapp to make this changes as soon as possible.

1. Youtube Videos Set To Play Directly On Whatsapp

The iOS beta version of whatsapp has integrated a new youtube feature, you might be wondering what this could mean, well I'll tell you, this youtube integration now gives users a chance a stream any youtube video directly from thier whatsapp and won't be needing the youtube app to enjoy this, we feel this will be added to the new whatsapp version for android users, we are already anticipating.

2. Money Transactions

I think everyone knows about (UPI) unified payment interface, well this feature is rumoured to appear in the new whatsapp version, this allows users to make payment on thier whatsapp, this feature is already on Wechat and its making sense for chinese users.

3. Message Retract Features

This feature is known to bbm users, when you may be by mistake sent a wrong image, message, videos or even status replies, you can get a chance to retract them. This feature 1st appeared on iOS beta version back in 2016 so it's unofficial for android users, but have it in mind that something spectacular is coming to whatsapp.

4. Sharing Locations Live

This feature could be the best of all, speaking of security reasons, this will help keep track of anyone we are chatting with, we can easily locate them with this feature, it will be cool tho.

5. Editing Sent Messages

If you're one of the facebook lovers or Twitter lovers, you'll find this feature very common, anytime you send a message to someone, if you mistyped a word or want to add more to it, you can easy edit the message before the receivers read it.

So what do you feel about this to be expected whatsapp feature updates, the 5 actually makes sense right yeah I know, but you can drop your own opinion in the comment box and also don't forget to share.


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