H ave you ever wondered why Google has chosen to name Android Versions after sweet items and also with an alphabetical order?

If YES, then today I will like to enlighten you on why android versions names have been based on sweet stuffs.

But first I will Like to list the current android versions names, the version, and the year it was launched. You may
know some and you may also know all. But I guess this will enlighten those who dont know all.

(No Code       1.0         September 23, 2008
Internally     1.1         February 9, 2009
Known As
"Petit Four"
Cupcake        1.5         April 27, 2009
Donut           1.6         September 15, 2009
ECLAIR     2.0 - 2.1    0ctober 26, 2009
FROYO      2.2 - 2.23    May 20, 2010
Ginger      2.3 - 2.37   December 6, 2010
Honey      30 - 3.26     February 22, 2011
IceCream   4.0 - 4.04    October 18, 2011
JellyBean   4.1 - 4.31    July 29, 2012
KitKat        4.4 - 4.44     October 31, 2013
Lollipop    5.0 - 5.11   November 12, 2014
Marsh       6.0 - 6.01      October 5, 2015
Nougat     7.0 - 7.12       August 22, 2016

Now if you take a look at these listings above you would see that the Names of these android versions are in an alphabetical order just like I said in the first paragraph of this article. From research I got to know that android 1.0 is called ALPHA, while android 1.1 is called BETA, so that you see its really in an alphabetical order.

We all should know about the ANDROID O, Version 8 which is named OREO. Which was recently Launched, and I know you guys are waiting for updates for your android phones so you can upgrade your android versions if its compatible. Mostly for Android 7 Nougat Users.
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Android is developed by a man Named " Andy Rubin ". He is the brain behind ANDROID. Andy Rubin had worked for Apple, where he was nicknamed Android by some of his colleagues back then in 1989 because he loved robots, before he started working for Google.

In the year 2012, he retired and handed over to a man named "Sundar Pichai".

From research, I got to know that Andy Rubin Loved (Sweet Items) so therefore the versions of android are
named with sweet items. Though I am not sure that's the real reason. Remember its someone's post on the net.


Google never gave a clear and direct answer to the connection of Android's with Confectionary for years.

Then years later, when Google introduced/launched the Android 4.4 kitkat, Google explained that the reason behind the android naming convection was because these android devices sweeten up our lives and thats what gave them the inspiration to use sweet items to name Android's.
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What we should also know is that Google is not the only Company that uses an elusive system of naming
their products. Apple Company has been naming its OS X platform after Big Cats (Lion, Puma, Leopard, Jaguar e.t.c)
for years without them revealing the reason behind the policy.
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Do we ever think what would happen if we ever reached the Android Z?. What happens after that? Will Google start
naming Androids based on Dog Breeds, Color names, or Savory Foods? Hmm, with the way the Android Platform is
growing and also gaining strength, I think that question would be answered sooner than we think. You can also give suggestions of names via the comment box.

My Words:

Android is the operating system that powers over 1 billion smartphones and tablets, and sincs this devices makes our lives to be sweetened, I think you should get an android device and sweeten up your life. FORGET iPHONES, GET AN ANDROID.

I hope this post enlightens you even if not much, a little about Android Devices.

If you got any questions, you can ask via the comment box and I will reply you.

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