Perhaps you don't like privacy invaders who invades your mobile gallery and start checking every photos and videos that appears in front of them, well like they said, there's always a solution to every problem, so there's I've decided to help out by listing out the  10 best apps to hide photos/videos on android, so take your time to check them out.
As a human being, we should always take privacy very important, because its one of the key factors that keeps our reputation and sometimes saves us from embarrassment, but what happens when this privacy gets breached, we get to loose that respect we deserve because our so called privacy has been shown to people who respect us, there are ways our privacy can be breached and some examples are our private photos and videos. But to avoid this privacy breach, it's important to know some of the best apps that can help protect privacy 100%, I've listed them below so check them out. 

10 Best Apps To Hide Photos / Videos On Android

Just like how football clubs send out scouts to scout talents, I've taken a close reviews on each apps I've listed here,  I've used some and yet to use some,  but all listed apps here will never get your privacy breached, so let's begin listing.

Gallery vault is my favorite locker,  this app will help you protect your privacy and this also includes keeping your pictures and videos or any types file safe, it can also be used to hide apps and also it has a recycle bin, which means you can delete a file but it won't be completely deleted from your phone, this app is cool,  am sure you'll love it, you can download it from the link below.

2. Secret Photo Vault

Secret photo vault is an app that works with good expectations, this app has 2 types of locking patterns, which means you can lock your albums with 4 digit password and also lock individual files with fingerprint locker, most amazing part about this app is that, once it's being used and closed,  it won't appear on your list of running apps, so it makes sense and won't get your privacy breached.

3. Private Photo,  Video Locker

This is a gallery locker that uses calculator as a cover up for its real identity, lol, this app is really cool and it assures 100% privacy protection to your photos and videos, the moment you try and open it,  it will display calculator, but if you input the correct password, it will  show you all your hidden photos and videos.

4. Hide It Pro

Hide it pro is another app with mind blowing features, once installed on your device, it will appear as an audio manager which fools people into thinking its an audio apps,  but if you long press on it, the locker will appear and you'll be asked to set your default password, doing this, then you don't need to worry about your privacy.

5. Gallery Lock (Hide Pictures)

Gallery lock is one of the best apps that protects privacy, it's one of the old apps out there too and also topping the download chat with over 10 million downloads already added to its name, it's a very simple straightforward locker so using it won't be complicated.

6. Gallery Lock - Lock Photos & Hide Videos

Gallery Lock - Lock Photos & Hide Videos is a very powerful app,  although you might be doubting because it has less  mb size when downloading, but with this app, you can do so many things like encrypting your whole gallery which won't let it be accessible or you can also fake your gallery to look empty and when giving your phone out to someone they'll be deceived that your gallery is empty, lol. 

7. Photo Locker

Photo locker is a very nice secret photo locker,  it's locks with convenience  and it's a pin based locking app which Is built with a 128 bit aes encryption system, It has many features and also has an option for quick password recovery in case you forgot your pin. 

8. Vault-Hide SMS,Pics & Videos,App Lock,Cloud backup

Vault-hide is a multi functional locking app, with this app you can enjoy so many benefits like photo and video locking, protect your sms, back up and restore your data with an online cloud system, this app has been attracted to many users world wide and it's number of downloads keeps increasing periodically.

9. Vault-Hide Photos & Videos

This app features amazes me a lot, with its upgraded pro features, you can lockup your videos and photos, keep your bank details safe and also secretly hide any type of documents and it does all this without any hassle, you can be keen to have 100% trust in this app because it will help you protect your privacy.

10. Hide Something - Photo, Video

Name might sound funny tho, but hide something let's you hide anything that's connected to your privacy, with hide something, you can hide tons of photos, hide big size videos and also make your gallery look empty in order to deceive the person you're giving your phone out to, you should be less concerned about your privacy being invaded, this locker apps got your back.
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I've provided you with the 10 Best Apps To Hide Photos / Videos On Android, this app are really cool and they work beyond expectations, you can be rest assured because they have good user ratings in any store you search them, your privacy is more important and I guess I've helped in a way I can, like you know. We always appreciate comments, so don't forget to share and drop an encouraging comments, thanks.


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