T he Game - INTO THE DEAD is an action game in which the players will be in the shoes of the survivor of the zombie apocalypse, who is impulsively running away from a zombie plaque-ridden area.

You control the survivor in this game by tilting your device to the left or right. For the use of weapons, you have to touch the screen though it's not really necessary. The main thing you have to do is to run to save your dear life. Let's see the main description of this game.


There is a crash of an helicopter right in the center of a zombie infected area. The survivor has no time to complain or keep himself secured. All he has to do is run for his life to avoid those man eaters getting to him.

The essence of this game is to save the life of the survivor by running and also you would encounter different obstacles on the way. The features of this game do not only make this original, but also makes it tremendously fascinating to play.

                   A LITTLE ADVICE

  • Avoid Zombies: They will do away with you once they as much as touch you. Your main priority should be to avoid them as much as you can.
  • Avoid Obstacles: They will slow you down if you come in contact with them. Getting hit by obstacles could be fatal as that could make those man eaters get closer to you.
That's all. Now download the game below.

I hope you enjoy playing this game. Let's see your take on this game by dropping a comment, and also sharing thi article to other game freaks. Thanks And Enjoy...

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