There's a better way in which you can enjoy double internet download speed on your android device, this trick involves the usage of both your Wi-Fi and data and it can only be powered a some cool apps,  every detailed info you need are written below, so read more about it. 
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Sometimes we always think something's don't work, and that's only because we haven't given them a try, let's say for example, there's that big apk file we want to download, at first we started downloading with Wi-Fi, but due to too much users and heavy activities on it, it becomes slow and we get tired, but we never thought oh, let men try using both mobile and Wi-Fi at the same time, well to cut the story short, there's a way double internet download speed can be enjoyed, this is not really a trick but you can call it a work of ideas, because you'll be using some apps to carry it out and also needs root access.

How To Boost Internet Download Speed Using Both Wifi & Data On Android Device 

Before you begin, do ensure you have all this requirements ready with you, here's what you need

1. Your device must be rooted and this app supports Android versions ranging from v 2.2 and above

2. Do ensure you have your Wi-Fi and mobile data available 

3. You have to download super download App for android, this app is of two types, the paid version and the free version, you can download from the links provided, (paid version, click Here ) (free version, click Here)

How To Run Super Download App For Double Download Speed

Before you proceed, I believe there's a need to read more about how this app works in order to avoid being disappointed when it doesn't suit you better.
  • Like you know,  this app requires root access, so once you've installed it,  do ensure you authorize it for root access in order for you to enjoy more of its benefits.
  • Data service charge may tend to occur from your service providers, so be ready for that, lol. 
  • In order for you to enjoy more of this app, make sure you have a strong internet connection on both Wi-Fi and mobile data, in order to avoid error downloads. 
  • It's a 3g supported app, but I believe you might wanna use 4g for triple download speed. 
  • This app only support protocols from http and also https, so therefore ftp and other protocols won't work, how to use this app is shown below.
Step 1. First need to download the super download App and get it installed on your android device, the download links for the two versions are both listed above, you might wanna scroll up 

2. After installation, now open the app, once it's being opened, you'll see something like no active files,  this is because for sure you haven't downloaded anything.

3.  To set this app, navigate to settings, there you'll find option to use dual networks, click on it and enable it,  once clicked you'll be asked to grant root access by suprsu, don't forget to grant access.

4. After completing step 3, now click  on the + icon to add your preferred download link, after that,  just sit back and experience a scintillating download speed. 

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That's how you can boost your internet download speed with both Wi-Fi and mobile data,  it's a straight forward trick and no stress in it,  don't forget to share with friends and also, we appreciate comments.


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