A ndroid Device's are able to perform so much tricks and hacks via various methods either through a default app or a built app to perform a particular trick or hack. This tricks and hacks have enabled Android users to enjoy their smartphones to the extent they swear never to leave the Android platform for any other.

One of these tricks discovered and put to test by geeks, is how to change the IMEI Number of your Android smartphone. This trick has both it's advantages and disadvantages. But unfortunately, there are high chances of escaping it's disadvantages. So today, I shall tutor you on how to change the IMEI Number of your Android smartphone. Firstly let us look into the meaning of IMEI, it's uses, and also it's benefits.


The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), is a unique identification or serial number, which all mobile phones and smartphones devices must have, to help in tracking or for the use of other IMEI related stuffs. You can search on the net for better explanations. This number is normally 15 digits long, and can be found on the silver sticker on the back of your mobile phone underneath the battery pack or on the box your mobile phone comes with.

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An IMEI Number has so many uses, but I'll list only a few of it's major uses. They are:

  • An IMEI Number is used for the trace of a mobile phone.
  • An IMEI Number is used by networks to identify valid phones.
  • An IMEI Number is used to block stolen mobile phones from been accessed by the thief, by stopping the certain phone from accessing the network, thereby rendering the phone useless.
  • An IMEI Number can be used to to retrieve the unlock code of a mobile phone.
Now before you change the IMEI Number of your mobile phone or smartphone, there must be a reason or benefits attached.

Now I'll list a few benefits of changing the IMEI Number of your mobile phone or smartphone. They are:
  • Getting free data which ranges from 1GB - 5GB or bonuses from your GSM Networks.
  • Opportunity of receiving double data whenever you purchase any valid data subscription plan.
This sounds good right? Well for you to enjoy this, you must know how to change the IMEI Number of your Android device.

There are different ways of changing the IMEI Number of an Android device via various types of applications and tools, but the most secured, efficient and simplest way of changing the IMEI Number of your Android device, is using the MTK Engineering Mode App.


  • A Rooted Android Device 
  • MTK Engineering Mode App. Download it Here.
  • IMEI Analyzer App. It's used to generate and check the validity of an IMEI Number. Download it Here.
  • Read How to use the IMEI Analyzer app Here.
Follow The Below Steps To Change The IMEI Number Of Your Android Device
1. Launch The MTK Engineering Mode App.

2. Slide left to CONNECTIVITY

3. Click on CDS Information 

4. Then Click on Radio Information 

If you're using an Android device with dual SIM slot, then know that "PHONE 1" represents your SIM 1, while "PHONE 2" represents your SIM 2. Now choose the slot you want to change it's IMEI Number.

5. When you're done choosing your desired slot, then click on the "AT+" you see there.

6. Your keyboard will appear. Then you type the letter "e" on your keyboard. A pop-up box will immediately appear.

7. Then click on AT+EGMR=1,7"" if you chose "PHONE 1" as your Slot, or click on AT+EGMR=1,10"" if you chose to "PHONE 2" as your desired Slot. Then make a space inbetween the AT and +

8. Then inbetween ("") type in the IMEI Number which you're changing to.

9. Check if the numbers are correct. If you have cross checked, then click on the "SEND AT COMMAND". If you receive a message saying "AT Command
Sent And Successful", then it's successful.

Now what you have to do is to reboot your phone. After your phone powers ON, check your new IMEI Number
by dialing *#06#. Then you would see a box showing you your two IMEI Numbers.
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But take this warning that you should always backup your real IMEI Number before changing it to any other IMEI Number. Screenshot or write it down on a piece of paper incase anything goes wrong, you can quickly change it back.

That's all about changing the IMEI Number of an Android device.

Kindly drop a nice comment if it works for you. If you face any problems, drop your questions, and I will help you out. Thanks And Enjoy...


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