Ever wondered if whatsapp voice messages could be turned into text form,  well it's possible and with the help of two different mobile applications, any voice recordings sent to you can now be converted into text and this can be very helpful anytime you're receiving voice messages in a lousy place, so follow the articles written below to know more about this. 

There's no doubt whatsapp has being world's must used insta messaging apps, over the years it has kept it's predominance and everyday it number of downloads keeps increasing, ever since whatsapp came to surface, it has helped make conversations with people very much easier, with whatsapp you can carryout many activities like voice call,  video conversations and also send and receive files in different format,  let's not forget sending of media files and also voice recordings, everything has been quite easy ever since the existence of whatsapp , but today's article is only focused on one part of whatsapp features, and that's the voice recording features, today I'll be showing you how you can convert your voice messages into text so that you can read instead of listening, and this will help you out if you're in a noisy environment.

How To Convert Whatsapp Voice Messages To Text On Android

This steps involves the downloading of an app called Transcriber For Whatsapp with this app you can turn that voice messages into text, unfortunately this app is not yet authorized by Google Play Store but it can be downloaded from a third-party link. 

Step 1. Download the transcriber app from this link this will take you directly to xda developers website, they're known for creating awesome apps like this one.

Step 2. Before installing this app, do ensure you've turned on unknown sources in order for you to install apps outside the official AppStore.

Step 3. After turning on unknown sources, now install the transcriber app on your android device and click on open after it has being installed.

Step 4. Now open the transcriber app and used the following configuration shown in the image below to configure your transcriber app. 

Step 5. After configuring the transcriber app, now minimize it then open your whatsapp and click on a chat which you recently received a voice note on

Step 6. While on the conversation page,  now press and hold the voice recording that was sent to you,  hold it till you see a share icon displaying at the top of your whatsapp conversation, now click  the share Icon then send to the transcriber app on your device. 

Once you've shared the voice recording to the transcriber app,  it will automatically convert your voice into text,  and also this app supports languages like French, Italian,  German and many more,  so enjoy. 

How To Convert Whatsapp Voice Messages To Text On IOS 

Step 1. You'll need to download an app called audio to text for whatsapp from itunes store or you can click this link for fast access.

Step 2. After downloading and installing the app, now grant it permission for speech recognition.

Step 3. Just like it is on android,  you'll need to press and hold the voice recording till you see forward, then click forward till you see an option to share

Step 4. Now share the voice recording to audio to text for whatsapp, it will automatically convert the voice recording into text, boom you're done.

Final Words

I believe you find this article very helpful, with the help of small application you can easily convert any audio messages into text, don't forget to share this article with friends and also,  if you have any issues concerning this tutorial,  you can drop your comment and I'll respond within hours.


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