Ever wondered if it's possible to use multiple user accounts on your android, I guess it's and no, it's can't be possible, lol there's actually a way in which you can enable multiple user accounts on any Android device, this gives you more privacy to your android device, we've written down how you can carryout this tutorial, so read more from the articles written below. 
Everyday the android user poll rises, being one of the most widely used os globally, there's always a reason why people opt to go for android, some of the reasons are the amazing features it offers, tons of applications you can download on it and also it controls are very simple, but that's not the main reason why people go for android os, Android is an open source operating system, that's why most people go for it, being an open source operating system it gives people more privilege to tweak and modify it to their taste, an example is creating multiple user accounts on your android device, this can be done by an app called build prop editor, it allows you to add or change any features on your android device. So read more about it below.

How To Enable Multiple User Accounts On Any Android Device 

Using build prop editor, you'll be able to edit any components of your android operating system,  but while some don't like editing their os because of fear of damaging it,  but I can assure you this trick won't harm your android device, it's very simple and straightforward.

Step 1. This application requires root access for it to work, if you're using a non rooted Android device,  you can forget about this trick and get your phone rooted first, But if you've rooted your device,  you'll need to download the build prop app from play store or click Here to download easily.

Step 2. Once you've installed the build prop app which you downloaded from play store, open it and grant it root access with your supersu, keep this in mind that build prop Is a user-friendly app and it means harm to your android device but only help you do some tweakings to your os.

Step 3. Once you've granted it permission, there's a pencil icon located at the top Right after the  buildprop editor, click on the pencil.

Step 4. After clicking on the pencil, then scroll down to the last page of the text editor and input the following code shown below. 

Step 5.  After placing the above code, now save and exit the text editor then reboot your android device .

After your device has been rebooted, swipe down your notification bar, you'll see a message that says you've successfully activated multiple user accounts on your android device, that's all about this trick, it's very cool and has no harm to your android device, if you find this post helpful, don't forget to share it with friends and also drop your comments.


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