T he blogger platform enjoys the fame of been one of the most popular blogging platform in the blogging industry.

Why is it so??

The answer to that question is: Because the Blogger platform is free and cheaper for one who wants to be a blogger. It makes bloggers to be able to manage their blog as it is the much easier to understand (especially for newbie bloggers) than other blogging platforms.

You need not worry about hosting and plugins which are totally not free for serious wordpress bloggers. All you need spend your money on is for a domain name (branding).

More advantages to the Blogger platform is that it is a more secured platform which would prevent hackers. This reason is why so many bloggers prefer it to other blogging platforms.

I am a concrete fan of the Blogger platform because I use it and because of its easy and simple features. Even if I move to wordpress (which am planning on), I would still be a fan of it.

Now lets face the real deal of this article.


This question arises due to the image upload issues we bloggers on the blogging platform are facing since the dawn of the day before today. So many bloggers on the blogging platform have been unable to publish their articles since this issue started (including me).

Images do bring out the purpose of the topic of an article that we do write. So many bloggers can't do without uploading an image together with their articles because of the earlier stated reason (above) why an image is really needed. Images also bring out the beauty of an article and make that article enticing to capture readers.

Because of this issue, questions are arising and the two most asked questions about this issue are:

  • Is there an ongoing upgrade in the blogger platform?
  • Is the blogger platform about to go down?
Now there are 60% chances that there's an ongoing upgrade in the blogger platform which is the cause of this issue. Why did I say 60% chances?? Answer is: Because not all bloggers on the blogging platform are faced with this issue. But they are few. Much are faced with this issue.

There might also be 40% chances the blogger platform wants to go down. I say 30% chances because there's a no reason why they should really close down. Imagine the waste of time and data on your articles if they were to go down. 

Have you not thought that the amount of time, money and data you spend on blogging could buy your mom much loads of goodies and thereby bring lots of blessings on you? Even just the money some peeps put into blogging could have made them rich.

Now lets drop our opinions via the comment box on these questions am about to ask.
  • How do you feel about this issue that you can't upload your images and publish your article?
  • Would you be happy if there's an upgrade?
  • Would you stop or continue blogging if the blogger platform was logging down?
  • What blogging platform would you move to if you would still continue blogging? (That's if the blogger platform was actually closed down)
Let's make this fun and drop some comments. Meanwhile I shall update you on the latest about this issue so be on the watch. Thanks And Enjoy...

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